About Gravitrek

Gravitrek is a dynamic and evolving universe created by the husband and wife duo Fadwa Morabet and Mounir Elabridi, who both hail from Morocco. Merging their talents in storytelling, game design, and art, they have embarked on a journey to create a world that transcends traditional gaming experiences.

Fadwa, an accomplished artist and interior design architect, breathes life into the universe of Gravitrek with her unique artistic vision. Her passion for digital painting and design has shaped the visual and aesthetic essence of the game.

Mounir, with a background in development and programming, has been an innovator and entrepreneur across various sectors. His passion for creative writing and storytelling brings depth and intricacy to the Gravitrek narrative.

Together, they have crafted Gravitrek into more than just a game; it's a universe teeming with adventure, mystery, and the collective creativity of its community. This project reflects their shared dream of building immersive worlds and engaging narratives that resonate with players globally.

Join us on this interstellar journey as we explore the unknown, build new worlds, and write the next chapter in the Gravitrek saga.

Last updated: Feb 25, 2024