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The Arrival of the Neterios Gods

Genesis of a New Era

The Arrival of the Neterios Gods

The Dawn of Human Civilization

Approximately 300,000 years ago, the enigmatic gods of Neterios visited Earth, igniting a series of events that would shape the mysteries of our ancient history. These celestial visitors, woven into the tapestry of human myths and legends, left an indelible mark on the planet. Their legacy, encrypted in the remnants and wonders of ancient constructions, continues to puzzle and fascinate scholars and adventurers alike.

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The Imminent Peril

Asteroid Alert

Earth's Countdown Begins

In 2086, Earth faces obliteration by an asteroid. With just over 60 years left, time is a luxury we don't have. The ancient gods of Neterios, witnessing our plight, dispatch guardians to warn Earth's leaders. The communication systems left behind millennia ago – the pyramids, no longer functional, prompt a desperate bid for our attention.

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Asteroid Heading towards Earth
Establishing Gravitrek

The Formation of Gravitrek


Humanity's Last Hope

Under the guise of an eccentric billionaire's dream, Gravitrek is secretly established as humanity's ark to the stars. It's a bold plan to evacuate Earth's population to Neterios, a distant planet capable of sustaining human life. Assembling a team of visionaries, scientists, and adventurers, the initial Code Trekkers are chosen. These pioneers, unbeknownst to the public, are the first to embark on the perilous journey, laying the groundwork for a new civilization.

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Pioneers of the Future

The Code Trekkers

Pathfinders to New Worlds

Meet the elite group leading the way to a new home in the Gravitrek universe. The Code Trekkers, comprised of the most skilled pilots, scientists, and adventurers, are at the forefront of the exodus, guiding humanity to safety and prosperity. Discover their stories, the challenges they face, and the legacy they aim to build as they navigate through uncharted territories towards a hopeful future.

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The Code Trekkers
Astro Launch Platforms

Gateway to the Stars

Astro Launch Platforms

Embark on Your Journey

As humanity's gates to the cosmos, the Astro Launch Platforms mark the starting point of our audacious move to Neterios. These marvels stand as testaments to human ingenuity and the shared dream of a new beginning. They offer a sanctioned path for those chosen to pioneer the new world. Yet, they also represent the hopes and silent wishes of those waiting for their chance, contemplating the vast sky above.

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New Beginnings

Immigration to Neterios

Paths of Hope and Hidden Tracks

In our collective leap towards a new dawn on Neterios, pioneers embark under strict protocols ensuring the safe transition and sustainable future. Yet, amidst the stars, shadowed paths unfold—unofficial routes, driven by hope or despair, known only to those who dare to dream beyond the queues. While the official journey symbolizes unity and order, the silent trails echo the complex narratives of hope and urgency that resonate with migration tales across time and space.

Whether through the luminous gates or the hidden corridors of the cosmos, every pioneer carves their destiny in the fabric of Neterios. Each path, lit by the stars or shrouded in secrecy, contributes to the intricate mosaic of our new home.

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Immigration to Neterios
Banking and Tokens in Gravitrek

Financial Frontiers

Banking and Tokens in Gravitrek

Unveiling New Economic Horizons

Embark on a financial odyssey in the Gravitrek universe with our diverse array of banking options and tokens. Navigate through the economic tapestry of Neterios, where each token and banking service offers unique opportunities and challenges. Discover the intricacies of SX Token, Gravi Token, Dodgy Token, Deben, and Shat - each playing a crucial role in the survival and prosperity of pioneers on new planets.

Engage with different banking platforms, from the traditional Space Bank to the advanced Heliobank, and the shadowy Banco Los Lobos. Learn how to manage your assets, invest wisely, and maximize your financial growth in this vast interstellar economy.

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Journey to Neterios

The Voyage

The Journey to Neterios

A Leap into the Unknown

The voyage to Neterios is fraught with uncertainty and danger. The pioneers aboard the Gravitrek vessels embark on a journey beyond the stars, driven by hope and the survival instinct of humanity. This monumental expedition through the cosmos represents our collective will to endure, discover, and thrive in the face of existential threats. It's a testament to human courage and our unyielding pursuit of a second chance among the stars.

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Arrival and Greetings by the gods

Welcomed by the gods

A New Dawn on Neterios

Upon arrival at Neterios, the settlers are greeted by the planet's deities, marking a historic moment of unity between humans and the divine guardians of their new world. This celestial welcome heralds the beginning of an era of hope and reconstruction. As pioneers step onto the alien soil of Neterios, they're met with landscapes of unimaginable beauty and potential. The gods' embrace symbolizes a covenant with humanity, offering protection, knowledge, and the promise of a flourishing new civilization.

These initial encounters set the stage for a symbiotic relationship, as the settlers learn to navigate and harmonize with the celestial energies that pulse through Neterios. Embracing the divine guidance, the pioneers begin to lay the foundations of Heliopoly, a beacon of human innovation and spirit under the watchful eyes of the gods. This partnership between the ethereal and the earthly charts a course towards a future where the wonders of the cosmos and human aspiration merge, birthing a legacy that transcends time and space.

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Welcome to Neterios - The gods
The Fourteen Sun Gods

Celestial Sovereigns

The Fourteen Sun Gods

Divine Architects of Order

Embark on an odyssey through the stars with The Fourteen Sun Gods, each wielding immense powers that shape the cosmos of the Gravitrek universe. From the fiery realms to the serene celestial waters, they govern the delicate balance of all existence.

  • Aten: The Radiant Disc, symbolizing life's energy and enlightenment.
  • Anubis: Guardian of the afterlife, guiding souls to the realm beyond.
  • Osiris: The Resurrected One, epitomizing regeneration and fertility.
  • ...and other deities, each with unique domains and divine missions.
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Eternal Watchers

Guardians of the Seven Tribes

Legacy of the Ancients

Embark on a journey through time and space with the Guardians of the Seven Tribes, the venerable protectors holding the secrets to the universe's past. Each guardian stands as a testament to the strength, wisdom, and spirit of their respective tribe, weaving the fabric of Gravitrek's rich history. Unravel the mysteries and harness the power that has safeguarded the cosmic balance for millennia.

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Guardians of the Seven Tribes
The Guardian Islands

Isles of Enigma

The Guardian Islands

Cradles of Mysteries and Miracles

Venture into the heart of the unknown, where the Guardian Islands await, shrouded in the mists of time. These enigmatic islands are not merely landmasses but sanctuaries of ancient wisdom and celestial power. Here, every shore whispers tales of yore, and every artifact holds the echo of the cosmos. Explore the hidden recesses, unlock the age-old secrets, and claim the powerful artifacts bestowed by the universe itself.

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Heliopoly: The Blank Slate

Building Heliopoly

Crafting Civilization from Scratch

As Heliopoly rises from the alien soil of Neterios, it becomes a beacon of unity and collaboration. Engineers, architects, and visionaries from Earth blend their expertise with the alien technologies and resources found on Neterios. Together, they innovate sustainable building techniques and renewable energy sources, ensuring that Heliopoly stands as a model of eco-friendly and self-sustaining urban development. The city's zones, meticulously planned, range from residential areas designed for comfort and community to industrial hubs that pulse with the productivity necessary for the survival of humanity in this new world.

In the heart of Heliopoly, the central plaza becomes a symbol of the settlers' collective spirit and resilience. Here, cultures merge, ideas are exchanged, and the seeds of a new society are sown. Public assemblies and celebrations in the plaza reinforce the community's bonds and shared mission. As Heliopoly grows, its influence extends beyond its borders, attracting the curious and the adventurous from distant lands. The city's success in harmonizing human aspirations with the realities of life on Neterios inspires new waves of settlers, eager to contribute to this grand experiment. Heliopoly, once a dream etched in the minds of a daring few, now stands as a testament to humanity's indomitable will to thrive against all odds.

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Building Heliopoly

The Vanguard of a New World

The Pioneers

Trailblazers of Neterios

Discover the pioneering spirit of Neterios and the symbolic power of Medallions. Join the vanguard of a new world, uniting under shared banners of innovation and collaboration. Dive into the story of the Pioneers and the mystical Medallions, shaping the future together.

The Pioneers

Their journey is one of hardship and triumph, a testament to human ingenuity and resilience. In the face of alien landscapes and unknown challenges, they build, innovate, and thrive. Each pioneer, whether engineer, scientist, or artist, contributes their unique skills to the collective effort, weaving together a diverse tapestry of human achievement on Neterios. Their legacy is a beacon for those who will follow, a promise that even in the vastness of space, humanity can find a home.

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They Are All Crooked

Heliopoly's City Council

Not a Symbol of Governance

Heliopoly's City Council, known for its grandeur and influence, has unfortunately become synonymous with corruption and backdoor deals. Comprised of elected officials, the council is tasked with governing the city's development, regulating zoning laws, and overseeing the allocation of resources and land. However, the council's integrity has been compromised, leading to a complex web of corruption affecting every level of city planning and development

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Heliopoly's Crooked City Council
Fertilius: The Breadbasket

Fertilius: The Breadbasket


Cultivating Hope

Upon Fertilius, humanity has embarked on a journey to redefine its relationship with nature. This planet, dedicated to agriculture, presents a canvas where pioneers meticulously craft a mosaic of sustainable farming practices. Here, every plot of land is a testament to the settlers' commitment to harmonizing with the planet's ecosystems. Innovations in crop rotation, companion planting, and natural pest management flourish, minimizing the environmental footprint and fostering a resilient food system.

As the settlers delve deeper into the symbiotic relationship between flora and fauna, they discover ancient seeds hidden within Fertilius' fertile grounds, revealing crops with extraordinary nutritional values and resilience to environmental stresses. These discoveries catalyze a green revolution, not just in terms of agriculture but also in the settlers' ethos. The circular economy of Heliopoly, driven by the resources from Fertilius, transforms into a beacon of sustainability, influencing settlements beyond Neterios. Through Fertilius, humanity learns to tread lightly on their new home, ensuring a legacy of stewardship for generations to come.

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Planet 61: The Forge

Planet 61

Mining for Survival

The harsh and rugged landscapes of Planet 61 hide the raw materials essential for the survival and expansion of Heliopoly. Brave miners venture into the depths, extracting precious minerals and resources. This relentless pursuit not only fuels the construction and technological advancement of the new society but also symbolizes the pioneers' determination to carve out a life in this new world, no matter the odds.

Planet 61 is a crucible of opportunity and peril. Here, miners challenge the depths and the Mirovs for precious minerals, crucial for Heliopoly's growth. Navigating the terrain requires more than bravery; it demands connections. Access to mining permits often hinges on the miner's standing with Heliopoly's influential figures, hinting at the complex interplay of power and opportunity.

The bounty beneath Planet 61's surface fuels not just the economy but the spirit of its people. Each discovery, each challenge overcome, strengthens the resolve of the pioneers, knitting them closer in their shared quest for prosperity. The presence of Mirovs, while a threat, adds an element of unpredictability that demands constant innovation and vigilance.

This shared journey fosters a unique camaraderie among the miners, creating tales of adventure and perseverance. It's this collective resilience that underpins the pioneering spirit, driving the settlers forward in their ambitious endeavor to forge a new existence on Planet 61, against all odds.

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Planet 61
Planet Botiland

Botiland: The Heartbeat of Innovation


Engineering Tomorrow

In Botiland, creativity and innovation converge, driven by the necessity to thrive in Neterios's high CO2 atmosphere. Robotics become the backbone of the settlement, with every bot representing a leap towards efficiency and sustainability. This hub of technological marvels stands as a testament to human ingenuity, proving that even in the most alien of environments, our capacity for invention knows no bounds.

At the heart of Botiland's innovation is the Robot Efficiency Rate (RER), a pivotal measure determining each robot's performance and productivity. The RER influences not only the daily tasks and resource management but also the overall progression within the game. Players are encouraged to engage in research and development, seeking ways to enhance their robots' RER through upgrades, modifications, and strategic gameplay decisions.

Moreover, the collaborative nature of Botiland allows pioneers to share technologies, forge alliances, and even compete in challenges that test their robotic advancements. The settlement's success is a collective effort, where each innovation contributes to the sustainability and prosperity of the new world. Here, your ingenuity not only shapes your destiny but also the future of humanity on Neterios.

Yazami Power Corp, nestled in Botiland, energizes the heart of robotics with innovative energy solutions tailored for high CO2 environments on Neterios. It's where Nuru's expertise shines, doubling robot yield for a day with a unique blend of energy and tradition, a testament to the fusion of ancient wisdom and futuristic technology. This synergy propels Botiland's robots, vital to Heliopoly's circular economy, ensuring sustainability and progress in the settlers' new world.

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Planet Catelonia

Island of Fortune


The Epicenter of Chance and Prosperity

On the vibrant shores of Catelonia, luck is a tangible resource, flowing as freely as the winds. This island, a haven for adventurers and dreamers, offers more than just scenic beauty; it's a place where luck can be harnessed, enhanced, and even gambled. Venture into the heart of Catelonia, where Booster Pack Packages offer paths to fortune or folly, and where every decision can tip the scales of fate.

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Elixir of Life

Hapi Springs

The Sacred Waters of Catelonia

The water from Hapi Springs, known as Hapi Spring Water, holds mystical properties that echo the blessings of the god Hapi. It is believed to imbue pioneers with happiness, luck, and a profound sense of rejuvenation. This is not just an ordinary water source; it's a celestial gift that resonates with the energies of Catelonia, designed to transform and enlighten the pioneers who partake in its essence.

By drinking Hapi Spring Water, pioneers in the Gravitrek universe can experience a tangible connection to the divine energy of Hapi, mirroring the life-giving and sustaining qualities of the Nile itself. This water acts as a catalyst for transformation, providing pioneers not only with physical sustenance but also with spiritual enlightenment and a deeper connection to the world around them.

Uncover the Secrets of Hapi
Hapi Water of Catelonia
The Birds of Catelonia

Feathers and Fortunes

The Birds of Catelonia

Symbols of Mystery and Power

In the lush landscapes of Catelonia, the birds are not merely creatures but emblems of power and mystery. Each bird, from the Swift Silver Swallow to the Regal Ruby Peacock, possesses unique abilities that serve dual purposes: enhancing the luck of their owners and providing crucial assistance in the island's many challenges and quests. Let these avian allies guide you through the mysteries of Catelonia.

Meet the Avian Allies
Narco City

Enter the Shadows

Narco City

Where Danger Meets Opportunity

Dive into the shadowy underworld of Narco City, the clandestine hub within the Gravitrek universe. Here, alliances are forged in darkness, and every corner offers a blend of peril and possibility. Navigate the intricate web of gangs and power struggles that dictate the pulse of Narco City.

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Heliopoly by Night: Narco City

Narco City

The Veiled Heart of Heliopoly

As Heliopoly's daylight fades, Narco City emerges from the shadows, an enigmatic world where danger and opportunity dance in the neon lights. It's a realm ruled by the unspoken laws of the underworld, where mafia bosses wield power with an iron grip, orchestrating the city's clandestine affairs. The pioneers of Heliopoly, drawn by whispers of fortune and freedom, find themselves entangled in a web of alliances and rivalries.

The dichotomy of Narco City reflects the broader saga of Heliopoly itself—a tale of light and shadow, of civilization's march towards the future shadowed by its primal instincts. As the settlers carve out their destinies in this alien world, Narco City stands as a testament to humanity's complex nature, a reminder that even among the stars, our deepest virtues and vices find a way to manifest.

The Underworld Gangster bosses
Heliopoly's Underworld Chiefs
Underworld Gangs

Unveil the Shadows

The Gangs of Narco City

Power in the Darkness

The shadowy figures pulling the strings behind Narco City's underworld hold more than just secrets; they control the unseen forces that shape the night. Delve into the dark corners of Gravitrek's Narco City, where each gang carves out its territory, wielding power and influence. Discover the stories, strategies, and conflicts that brew in the alleys and hidden places of this nefarious landscape.

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The Ancient World: Echoes of the Past

The Ancient World

A Journey Through Time and Mysteries

The Ancient World, a land of mysteries and lost knowledge, beckons adventurers and historians alike. It's a place where the past lives on, through towering pyramids, enigmatic ruins, and relics of power. This world offers not just a glimpse into ancient civilizations but a chance to unlock secrets that could reshape the future. Here, every artifact tells a story, every ruin holds a clue, and the Good Luck Cats play a crucial role in uncovering long-lost treasures.

Explore the Ruins
The Ancient World
Ramsess at The Battle of Kadesh

A Historical Turning Point

The Battle of Kadesh

Where Destiny Was Forged

This pivotal confrontation not only shaped the fate of empires but also marked the dawn of a new era. Witness the legendary clash where Ramses II’s valor met the Hittite might, setting a precedent for divine intervention and the emergence of new guardians.

Uncover the Past

From Battle's Ashes

Emergence of The Good Luck Cats

Guardians Blessed by Bastet

In the aftermath of the Battle of Kadesh, as peace was forged and destinies aligned, the Good Luck Cats emerged as divine guardians. Gifted by the goddess Bastet, they became symbols of protection, wisdom, and prosperity, weaving their mystique into the fabric of history.

The Good Luck Cats in Ancient Times
The Good Luck Cats

Legacy Continues

Meet The Good Luck Cats

Embark on a Journey of Fortune

From the sands of ancient Egypt to the cosmic expanse of Gravitrek, the Good Luck Cats continue their guardianship. Each cat, a beacon of ancient wisdom adapted for the modern pioneer, guides us through challenges and towards prosperity in the new universe.

  • Senjo: Wisdom's Herald.
  • Nuru: Light in Darkness.
  • Bomani: Courage's Roar.
  • ...and countless others, each marking a path to enlightenment.
Discover Their Stories

Meet the Guardians

Gravitrek's Earth Based Defenders

Champions of the New Dawn

Meet the diverse cast of earth-based characters driving the narrative of Gravitrek. From the astute strategists to brave warriors, each character brings a unique set of skills and perspectives critical to the defense of Earth and the exploration of Neterios. Join us in unraveling their stories as they navigate through the challenges and triumphs of the Gravitrek universe.

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Cast & Characters
The Gods' Credit Cards

Unlock Divine Privileges

The Neterios Credit Cards

A Gateway to Unearthly Power

Step into a realm where elite status and mystic power converge. The Neterios Credit Cards in the Gravitrek universe are more than mere financial tools; they are keys to unlocking unparalleled influence and secrets hidden within the cosmos. Possession of these cards is a testament to a player's prowess and dedication, offering privileges veiled in the shadows of the unknown.

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