Your Gateway to Expansion

Neterios Credit Cards: Financial Empowerment

Elevate Your Territory and Influence

In the innovative and interconnected worlds of Neterios and Heliopoly, players have the opportunity to elevate their financial strategies and expand their territories through the strategic use of credit cards. Each card, tailored to specific player achievements and holdings, not only exemplifies their status but also grants unique financial advantages to catalyze their growth within these cosmic realms.

Begin Your Financial Journey

Helio Card: The Pioneer's First Step

Establish Your Footprint in Heliopoly

The Helio Card is the first tier of financial empowerment in Heliopoly, designed for pioneers who have begun to establish their footprint within this bustling market hub. Tailored for those who have ventured into the companionship of the original Good Luck Cats and embarked on the foundational step of land ownership, this card symbolizes the holder’s burgeoning influence and commitment to growth.

Helio Card
Builders Card

Elevate Your Architectural Aspirations

Builders Card: Constructing Dreams

For the Visionary Architects of Heliopoly

A notch above the foundational Helio Card, the Builders Card is crafted for the visionary architects of Heliopoly. This prestigious credit line is reserved for players deeply embedded in the game's culture and lore, signified by their extensive collection of The Gods and Good Luck Cats Cards, alongside significant land ownership.

Unleash Ultimate Power and Prestige

Black Card: The Symbol of Success

A Testament to Monumental Achievements

The epitome of prestige and power, the Black Card is reserved for the elite of Heliopoly. This card is a testament to a player’s monumental achievements and unparalleled commitment to the Gravitrek universe, representing a league of the most influential and successful pioneers.

Black Card