Gravitrek Timeline: A Journey Through Time and Space

Explore the pivotal moments in the creation and evolution of the Gravitrek universe, a story and designs we have been building for a while now, long before Gravitrek was conceptualized.

Oct or Nov 2018

The initial drawings of the Good Luck Cats were created, setting the stage for what would become a complex narrative. Initially conceived as independent designs, these sketches were the seeds from which the Gravitrek universe would grow.


The narrative of the Good Luck Cats began to take shape, subtly weaving into the fabric of what would later be known as the Gravitrek universe towards the end of 2021. This period marked the transition from individual artistic concepts to a more integrated story.

Mid 2022

The characters of Gravitrek were meticulously designed with a distinct purpose, heralding the official birth of the Gravitrek storyline. This era symbolized the fusion of the Good Luck Cats' mystical essence with the emerging narrative of Gravitrek.

Late 2022

The Gravitrek universe began its significant expansion, initiating the creation of diverse collections, worlds, and planets that comprise Neterios. This period marked the deepening of the storyline, setting the stage for a rich, immersive experience.

2023-Early 2024

Future projections were established, setting crucial milestones for Gravitrek's growth, community engagement, and expansion of the universe. This phase culminated in the official unveiling of the Gravitrek site, planned for March 2024.


The focus shifted towards building a strong, engaged community while finalizing the game's rules, storylines, mechanics, and character backgrounds. This year is dedicated to cementing the foundational elements that will define the Gravitrek experience.


The scheduled release of lands and sectors within the Gravitrek universe showcases our long-term commitment to the community. Over the next decade, we plan to unfold new areas, stories, and opportunities, guiding pioneers through an evolving journey in Neterios.

Last updated: Feb 25, 2024