Poster of life in Heliopoly

Gravitrek Governance

The Ephemeral Power: Heliopoly's City Council

The City Council of Heliopoly stands as a testament to the volatile nature of power within this bustling metropolis. Positioned as the pinnacle of urban authority, council members enjoy privileges that can significantly sway the city's fate. However, this power is ephemeral, susceptible to the whims of luck, crooked elections, and the ever-changing tides of public opinion and backdoor dealings. The council's composition can shift overnight, turning steadfast allies into foes and upending the city's balance of power. This instability is a breeding ground for corruption, as officials vie for influence, riches, and control over Heliopoly's lucrative landscapes.

Meet the Officials

Rory Kickback: The Law's Ambiguous Hand

Rory Kickback, Heliopoly's Chief of Police, navigates the murky waters between legality and profit with a smile that disarms even the most suspicious. Under his "leadership," the city's law enforcement becomes a double-edged sword, serving the public interest by day and his own by night. His notorious "Streetwise" cards let players skip fines, a tangible representation of the pervasive corruption within the city's walls.

Rory Kickback

Financial Manipulations

Tommy Twofold: The Tax Collector's Greed

Tommy Twofold, with a calculator in one hand and a loophole in the other, embodies the financial corruption rampant in Heliopoly. As the Tax Collector, he's crafted an art form out of bending rules to favor the wealthy, ensuring his pockets are lined while the city's infrastructure crumbles. His "Offshore Account" cards provide a get-out-of-tax-free pass, a blatant symbol of the graft undermining the city's fiscal health.

Tommy Twofold

Legal Loopholes

Mickey Cohan: Master of the Courtroom

In the courtrooms of Heliopoly, Mickey Cohan spins the legal web that entangles truth and justice. As the City Attorney, his expertise in turning legal jargon into weapons of personal gain is unmatched. His "Plea Bargain" cards allow players to escape justice, showcasing the depth of legal corruption in the city's heart.

Mickey Cohan

Economic Exploits

Billy Cashwise: The Financial Wizard

Billy Cashwise, a transplant from Wall Street's cutthroat environment, has found a new playground in Heliopoly. As the city's premier banker, he manipulates financial flows with a magician's finesse, ensuring the rich get richer under his watch. His "Insider Trading" cards symbolize the unchecked economic exploitation dictating the city's pulse.

Billy Cashwise

Judicial Authority

Harry Wapner: The Decisive Judge

Harry Wapner, the unwavering judge of Heliopoly's court system, ensures that justice is served, albeit selectively. His influence extends beyond the courtroom, often tipping the scales of justice with a well-placed word or a discreet nod. His "Jury Nullification" cards let players avoid the usual repercussions of their actions, highlighting the disparity between the law and its application.

Harry Wapner

Urban Development

Sammy Buildmore: The Master Planner

Sammy Buildmore, the visionary City Planner of Heliopoly, orchestrates the city's expansion with a meticulous and often ruthless hand. His strategic foresight shapes the skyline and the streets, often to the benefit of the elite. His "Upzoning" cards allow for unexpected growth and development, ensuring his place in the city's power dynamics.

Sammy Buildmore

Social Influence

Sally Temptwell: The Influential Socialite

Sally Temptwell uses her vast social network and charm to influence the city's elite and maneuver through the social hierarchy of Heliopoly. Her "Favor for a Favor" cards provide unique opportunities and shortcuts within the game, exemplifying the power of connections over conventional strategies.

Sally Temptwell

Regulatory Command

Nancy Ordinance: The Regulatory Queen

Nancy Ordinance navigates the bureaucratic labyrinth of Heliopoly with unparalleled expertise. Her command over regulations and permits makes her a key ally or adversary in the city. Her "Fast-Track Approval" cards streamline city processes, highlighting the bureaucratic power at her disposal.

Nancy Ordinance

City's Beacon

Mayor Helio: The Charismatic Leader

Mayor Helio, the charismatic leader of Heliopoly, navigates the treacherous waters of city politics with charm and a keen sense of the future. His leadership shapes the destiny of Heliopoly, for better or worse. His visionary approach and the "Helio's Favor" cards allow players to leverage city resources, demonstrating the power vested in the office of the Mayor.

Mayor Helio