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Earth Based Defenders and Guides

Welcome to the realm of Earth's most influential characters in the Gravitrek universe. These individuals, from historical figures reincarnated to provide guidance and wisdom, to the strategic minds shaping the course of events, play crucial roles in the unfolding narrative and challenges faced by pioneers in this expansive world. Discover their stories, powers, and how they intertwine with the fate of humanity and beyond.

Marcus Gray: Visionary Leader

Marcus Gray

Marcus Gray, reincarnation of Babu, serves as a Companion and Lead Story Character in Gravitrek. With the power to receive visions through his tattoo, originating from Malibu, Marcus provides strategic foresight with alerts and discounts on Good Luck Cats.

Siru Agar

As a Companion and Lead Story Character, Siru Agar, originating from Norway, harnesses the ability to detect Good Luck Cats. Her cane's vibrations guide players to hidden treasures, enhancing the questing experience within Gravitrek.

Siru Agar: The Cat Detector
Vivek: The Teleporter and Time Traveler


As a Companion in Gravitrek, Vivek wields the powers of Teleportation, Time Travel, and Control over the Good Luck Cats, originating from Thailand. This figure can teleport players to any location on the board and grants a "Time Travel" card to reverse negative events.


Salugi, the nemesis of Vivek, plays a crucial role in Gravitrek by undermining the powers of the Good Luck Cats. This antagonist's tactics are designed to disrupt the plans of pioneers, adding depth and challenge to their mission.

Salugi: The Nemesis
Harry Brown: Reincarnation of Julius Caesar

Harry Brown

Harry Brown, embodying the reincarnation of Julius Caesar, performs Special Tasks within Gravitrek. His unique abilities grant immunity from legal troubles, aiding pioneers in navigating the complex judicial landscapes of new worlds.

Elsa Jones

Elsa Jones serves within Gravitrek on Special Tasks as the modern reincarnation of Cleopatra. With the power to manipulate marketplace prices, she provides pioneers with strategic economic advantages.

Elsa Jones: Modern Cleopatra
Willy Jones: Reincarnation of Ptolemy

Willy Jones

Willy Jones, known for his unpredictable actions in Special Tasks, is the modern incarnation of Ptolemy. His abilities can swing the tide of any situation, offering either unparalleled benefits or unforeseen hindrances.

Chairman Cao

Chairman Cao, a strategic businessman within the world of Gravitrek, leverages his position to influence transactions, especially those involving the purchase of a Time Machine. His role underscores the intertwining of power and economy in new civilizations.

Chairman Cao: The Businessman
Lord Taylor: The Anthropologist

Lord Taylor

As an Anthropologist, Lord Taylor offers unique insights into puzzles and riddles of Egyptology within Gravitrek. His expertise aids pioneers in deciphering ancient mysteries, enhancing their understanding and exploration of new worlds.

The Book of the Dead

The Book of the Dead stands as a beacon of ancient wisdom and cosmic secrets. Originally penned by the revered scribes of Neterios, this sacred manuscript serves as a guide for the departed souls navigating the treacherous paths of the afterlife.

The Book of the Dead: A guide for the departed souls
The Time Machine: Gateway to New Realms

The Time Machine

The Time Machine serves as a crucial element of transportation within Gravitrek, enabling players to travel to other game areas. However, it requires special glass for repeated uses, adding a strategic layer to exploration.

Professor Ron Mallek

Professor Ron Mallek, a brilliant mind in the fields of astrophysics, cryptography, and robotics, plays a pivotal role within the Gravitrek universe. His groundbreaking research and inventions have paved the way for advancements in space exploration and security systems, significantly impacting the success of the Gravitrek mission.

Professor Ron Mallek: The Mastermind of Space and Time
Pharaoh Seti: The Battle Enhancer

Pharaoh Seti

As a Leader for Battles, Pharaoh Seti doubles the attack power of Egyptian Soldiers, making him a formidable force in Gravitrek's ancient world scenarios.

Pharaoh Ramses

As a Leader for Battles in Gravitrek, Pharaoh Ramses has the power to halve the opponent's attack strength, showcasing his tactical prowess and historical significance.

Pharaoh Ramses: The Strategic Reducer
Muwatalli: The Hittite King


Muwatalli, the Hittite king, known for his role in the historical Battle of Kadesh, brings his formidable leadership and military strategy to the Gravitrek universe. His presence bolsters the might and efficiency of Hittite Soldiers within the game.

Hittite Spies

Hittite Spies play a crucial role in Gravitrek's covert operations, offering players the ability to gather intelligence and disrupt enemy strategies effectively. Their stealth and information gathering are unmatched.

Hittite Spies: The Shadow Operatives
Babu: The Visionary Guardian


Babu, reincarnated as Marcus Gray, was one of the original two guardians left by Bastet to watch over the Good Luck Cats on Earth. Known for his prophetic neck tattoo, Babu/Marcus plays a pivotal role in foreseeing and navigating impending events within Gravitrek, offering players strategic insights and warnings.


Femi, reincarnated as Siru Agar, was the other original guardian alongside Babu, tasked by Bastet to protect the Good Luck Cats. Known for her powerful scepter, Femi/Siru brings a unique blend of protection and detection to players, aiding in the discovery and safeguarding of Good Luck Cats within the game.

Femi: The Protective Guardian
Cleopatra: The Enigmatic Strategist


Reincarnated as Elsa Jones, Cleopatra brings her legendary charm and strategic acumen to Gravitrek. Her powers enable players to manipulate market prices and gain advantages in trade and negotiation, reflecting her historical influence and intelligence.

Julius Caesar

Reincarnated as Harry Brown, Julius Caesar's renowned leadership and strategic mind are at players' disposal in Gravitrek. His reincarnation grants immunity from various legal troubles, allowing players to navigate the complexities of Gravitrek with less hindrance.

Julius Caesar: The Immutable Leader
Marcus Antonius: The Master Strategist

Marcus Antonius

Marcus Antonius, a prominent figure in Gravitrek's historical narratives, plays a pivotal role in the game's strategy and diplomacy sectors. Known for his military acumen and persuasive charm, he offers players enhanced negotiation capabilities and strategic advantages in battles and alliances.


Ptolemy, a revered figure from ancient history, emerges within the Gravitrek universe as a strategic and scientific guide. Renowned for his contributions to astronomy and geography, Ptolemy offers players unique insights into navigating and understanding the celestial and terrestrial landscapes they explore.

Ptolemy: The Scholar of the Stars
Hittites Soldiers: The Strengtheners

Hittites Soldiers

Hittites Soldiers enhance your army's overall strength in Gravitrek. Their presence on the battlefield signifies a significant increase in military power, making them invaluable in combat scenarios.

Egyptian Soldiers

Egyptian Soldiers not only increase your army's overall strength in Gravitrek but also offer special bonuses when paired with Pharaoh cards. They are essential for historical and strategic depth in the game.

Egyptian Soldiers: The Tactical Edge