Planet 61

Key Mining Settlement

Planet 61 Overview

Crucial for Gravitrek's Success

Planet 61 is the central mining hub in the Gravitrek universe, featuring a strategic 100x100 grid for resource extraction, crucial for sustaining and advancing the ecosystem.

Planet 61 - Overview
Mining Rights - Expansion and Control

Acquisition and Expansion

Mining Rights

Limited Access, Expanding Possibilities

Initial mining rights on Planet 61 are limited to ensure sustainable development, with new permits released based on Heliopoly's population and market demands.

Settlement and Auctions

Purchasing a Mine

Claim Your Stake

Settlers have the opportunity to secure their own mines on Planet 61, with unclaimed mines going to auction, fostering a competitive mining environment.

Purchasing a Mine - Competitive Auctions
Geological Surveys - Depth Mapping

Resource Mapping

Geological Surveys

Unlocking the Depths

Conducting geological surveys is essential for miners on Planet 61, providing detailed mappings of resources and enhancing mining strategies.

Mining Operations

Excavators and Machinery

Technological Advancement in Action

Robotic excavators and machinery are pivotal for the mining operations on Planet 61, with their efficiency improving as settlers enhance their mining expertise.

Excavators and Machinery - Advanced Mining Tech
The Mirovs Threat - Guardian Protection

Protecting Resources

The Mirovs Threat

Guardians Against Predators

The Mirovs, indigenous creatures of Planet 61, pose a threat to mining operations, necessitating the presence of Guardians to safeguard extracted resources.

Sustainability and Aftermath

Limited Resources

Responsible Mining

The finite nature of resources on Planet 61 emphasizes the importance of sustainable mining practices and the transformation of mined lands into forests.

Limited Resources - Sustainability
Storing and Selling Minerals - Market Dynamics

Market Dynamics

Storing and Selling Minerals

Strategic Market Engagement

Minerals from Planet 61 are stored securely and sold through Helioswap, with market dynamics influencing pricing and necessitating strategic sales approaches.

Resource Management

Minerals Index Rate (MIR)

Optimizing Mining Efforts

The MIR on Planet 61 helps miners gauge the balance between active mining and resource reserves, optimizing efforts for maximum efficiency and return.

Minerals Index Rate - Optimizing Mining
Resources and Production - Ecosystem Growth

Industrial Outputs

Resources and Production

Core to Ecosystem Development

Planet 61's diverse resources like iron, gypsum, and lithium are foundational for producing essential goods such as drywall, steel, and batteries, contributing significantly to the ecosystem's growth.