The Code Trekkers

The Code Trekkers: Pioneers of the Gravitrek Mission

The Code Trekkers are distinguished individuals from across the globe, each bringing unique skills and perspectives to the Gravitrek initiative. Their expertise spans various fields, contributing significantly to the mission's success. Explore the diverse abilities and backgrounds of these remarkable individuals.



Commander of the Mission

Origin: Morocco. Elyas is a mysterious figure with a rich military background. He ensures the unity and direction of the team with his strong leadership qualities. His strategic insights enable players to approach missions with enhanced planning and execution capabilities.

Dr. Mallek


The Cosmic Visionary

Origin: USA. As a renowned astrophysicist, Dr. Mallek's knowledge of black holes and cosmic phenomena enriches the team's understanding of the universe. His presence allows for the unlocking of special space-time quests, offering a shortcut through the cosmos.



Master of Sustainable Design

Origin: Portugal. Siza's architectural genius ensures the sustainability and durability of structures within Gravitrek. Her innovative designs not only beautify the environment but also promote efficiency and resilience against the harsh conditions of space.



The Cryptographic Connoisseur

Origin: Russia. A former intelligence analyst, Valentina's expertise in data analysis and cryptography provides the team with a critical edge in deciphering codes and solving complex puzzles that stand in the way of their mission.



The Peacebroker

Origin: Australia. Nelson's diplomatic skills are invaluable in navigating the political landscapes of alien civilizations and forging alliances. His capacity for negotiation ensures peaceful resolutions and beneficial agreements for the Gravitrek team.



The Stellar Navigator

Origin: China. An adept shuttle pilot, Yang's skillful navigation enables the team to traverse the vastness of space efficiently. Her expertise ensures that the Gravitrek missions proceed on schedule and within the parameters of safety.



The Resource Allocator

Origin: Japan. Daiki's economic strategies optimize resource distribution, ensuring that the Gravitrek mission remains viable and productive. His insights into trade and resource management allow for sustainable growth and development.



Seer of Societal Evolution

Origin: England. Darla's foresight into future trends and societal shifts aids the team in preparing for long-term challenges. Her predictions help shape the strategic direction of the mission, ensuring its relevance and success in the evolving cosmic landscape.



The Master Mechanic of Innovation

Origin: India. Rakesh accelerates repairs and improvements on robots and spaceships, enhancing their capabilities and ensuring peak performance during critical missions.