The Gathering of Earth's Alliance

Prelude to a Journey

Gathering of Forces

Uniting for the Celestial Quest

Our journey to Neterios began long before we set foot on the launch platform. It was a collective endeavor, merging the efforts of pioneers across Earth. Together, we delved into mines, cultivated vast expanses of farmland, and toiled in shipyard factories. This tireless alliance was bound by a shared dream: to traverse the cosmos. With every resource gathered and each cat found, we edged closer to our goal, amassing the substantial funds required for our passage tickets to the stars.

The Great Expanse

The Voyage Begins

Mysteries of the Cosmos Unfold

The path to Neterios was strewn with the unknown. Our vessels, carrying the dreams of Earth, encountered enigmatic spaceships and unexpected radar locks, suggesting we were not alone in the void. The closer we got to Neterios, the more peculiar our surroundings became. Creatures, a blend of the familiar and the alien, approached our ships, riding spatial cups with such closeness they seemed to peer into our very souls.

The Voyage to Neterios
The Welcoming Gods of Neterios

A Divine Encounter

The Welcoming Gods

Reverence Among the Stars

Upon arrival, we were ushered onto a vast, floating platform, a stage set against the backdrop of infinity. There, in all their splendor, stood the gods of Neterios, all fourteen, marking our official initiation into their celestial domain. With a sense of deep reverence, we stood in salute, our mechanical companions mirroring our gesture. This was the sacred welcome we had longed for, the acknowledgment of our arrival by the very architects of the cosmos.

Discovery and Wonder

A New Realm Revealed

The Majestic Sights of Neterios

As we navigated the celestial domain, the unique characteristics of Neterios's worlds unfolded before us: the verdant expanse of Fertlius's fields, the pulsating neon life of Catelonia, and the industrious landscape of Planet 61. Our journey provided a panoramic view of the varied ecosystems, from the tireless Mirovs to the dedicated robots, each scene a testament to the diversity and wonder of our new home.

The Worlds of Neterios
Arrival at Heliopoly

New Beginnings

Arrival at Heliopoly

Foundation of a New Civilization

The gateway to Heliopoly marked the culmination of our arduous journey—a bustling hub of innovation and construction, poised on the brink of transformation. Amid the organized chaos, we found a sense of purpose and promise. From the ground up, we were to build a new world, our new world. While the task was daunting, the collective spirit of pioneers and robots alike fueled our ambition, driving us toward the realization of our shared dreams under the watchful eyes of the Neterios gods.