Astro Launch Platform, Jebel Irhoud, Morocco

Astro Launch Platforms: Humanity's Leap into the Cosmos

As Earth faces the unprecedented threat of asteroid Acolal, the Astro Launch Platforms stand as beacons of hope. Located globally, these structures serve not only as launch points but also as symbols of human resilience and innovation. The most notable among these, the Saharan Starlift in Morocco, stands as a pivotal launchpad and a testament to the nation's celestial significance. This strategic location, known as the 'Cradle of Stars,' bridges our ancient past with the future of space exploration, symbolizing the dawn of a new era for humanity and our intertwined fate with the cosmos. Alongside Morocco, other significant launchpad locations include the United States' Liberty Launchpad, Australia's Outback Orbital Oasis, New Zealand's Kiwi Cosmosport, South Africa's Cape Cosmos Cape, Chile's Atacama Ascend, China's Celestial Sea Platforms, Saudi Arabia's Arabian Apex, Russia's Siberian Skygate, Turkey's Anatolian Apex, Pakistan's Karakoram Cosmosport, UAE's Emirati Star Harbor, Brazil's Amazon Ascension Platform, Italy's Galileo Galactic Gateway, Norway's Arctic Aurora Station, India's Bharat Beacon Base, Egypt's Pharaoh's Launch Pad, and French Guiana's Gallic Gateway. Each of these locations, selected for their unique geographical advantages and strategic importance, contributes to our collective efforts to address the looming asteroid threat by providing diverse, global access points to space.

Earning Your Ticket to Neterios: The Path of the Pioneer

In the face of Earth's impending doom, every pioneer has the opportunity to earn their way to salvation on Neterios. By engaging in legal jobs within construction, farming, mining, or shipyard factories, pioneers can earn Gravi - the currency fueling our escape to the stars. This not only ensures a sustainable livelihood but also secures a spot in the grand journey to Neterios.

Working in a Space Shipyard

Why Working at a SpaceArch Shipyard Could Be Your Best Shot

While all the legal jobs offer a pathway to Neterios, working at a SpaceArch Shipyard puts you on the fast track for several reasons. Firstly, shipyards are where dreams take physical shape – dreams of new worlds, new lives, and new beginnings. Secondly, they're hilariously sticky with red tape; someone needs to make sense of all that cosmic regulatory paperwork, right? Navigating the bureaucracy faster than a speeding spacecraft, workers at these shipyards gain invaluable insights into the logistics and legalities of space travel, earning their space travel permits much more swiftly. After all, if you can handle the labyrinthine shipyard regulations, interstellar travel is a breeze!

Neterios Boarding Pass

The Underworld's Allure: A Risky Alternative

There's always the shadow path: aligning with the underground criminal families. These factions, known for their network beyond the law, offer a different kind of compensation - the elusive s.x tokens. Accepting this currency propels you into a clandestine world where administrative papers and legal hoops dissolve into the darkness. Working for these gangs might bypass the need for bureaucratic wrangling, offering an illegal shortcut to Neterios via their covert transport services. Initially, you're whisked away to the remote edges of Planet 61, then moved stealthily to the heart of Neterios. But beware, this shortcut is brokered by Salugi and backed by the enigmatic god Anubis, binding you to the underbelly of the cosmos. Remember, while this route skips the legal labyrinth, it ensnares you in a web far from the 'federales' reach but not without its own peril. The s.x tokens might unlock the gates to Neterios, yet they tether you to the underworld, forfeiting the chance for legitimate passage and risking more than just a good behavior notice.

The Smuggling Journey - A Risky Alternative