Two Immigration Paths - Legal and Illegal

Immigration to Neterios: A Dual Path to the Future

As pioneers yearn for new beginnings amidst Earth's crises, many face a critical choice: the rigidity of legal immigration or the shadowed shortcuts offered by the underworld. The latter, though fraught with risks and moral ambiguities, demands less bureaucracy, enticing those willing to venture into the murky depths of deception.

Sanctioned Journeys: The Legal Path to New Beginnings

Legitimate travel to Neterios stands as a beacon of hope, where pioneers must navigate extensive procedures to ensure safety, health, and ethical integrity. This pathway is designed for those committed to the ideals of Heliopoly, contributing to a society where humanity's best can flourish.

Sanctioned Journeys
The Unseen Journey

The Unseen Journey: The Appeal of the Illegal Path

Contrastingly, many opt for the quicker, albeit illegal, routes orchestrated by underworld syndicates like Los Lobos. These paths sidestep the stringent legal procedures, offering a faster, yet ethically dubious, entry to Neterios’s promising lands.

The Pact of Shadows: Los Lobos, Salugi, and Anubis

The Los Lobos gang, spearheading these illicit operations, has forged a dark alliance with Salugi and his master, Anubis. In a grand scheme to evade detection, the SX navettes are dispatched to the remote Planet 61, a mere mining realm beyond the reach of legal surveillance. Here, under Anubis's watchful eye, newcomers are furnished with counterfeit yet convincing documents, seamlessly blending them with the legal migrants.

The Pact of Shadows
Covert Arrival

Covert Arrival: From the Outskirts to the Heart of Civilization

These pioneers, armed with their new identities, are then discreetly transported from the desolate stretches of Planet 61 to the bustling hubs of Neterios and Heliopoly. This stealthy insertion not only bypasses official channels but also poses a silent threat to the integrity and safety of these emerging societies.