Beginnings of a Cosmic Legacy

About 300,000 years ago, an advanced civilization from the star system Neterios found their way to Earth. These beings, possessing knowledge far beyond our understanding, observed a nascent species evolving on our planet: Homo sapiens. This was a pivotal moment, marking the dawn of a new epoch under the silent vigil of these celestial observers.

The dawn of the celestial legacy
The Neterios gods descending on Earth

The Arrival in North Africa

The gods of Neterios, in their quest for an ideal base, chose the lands of what is today known as Jebel Irhoud, Morocco. Its central location, optimal for celestial communication and proximity to their space lanes, marked the beginning of a profound yet subtle influence on Earth's destiny.

Secrets Beneath the Mountains

Across the globe, the gods established bases hidden within large structures or atop mountainous regions. These strategic sites allowed for seamless communication with Neterios and served as silent guardians over the burgeoning civilizations of early humans, influencing their development from the shadows.

Secret bases of the Neterios gods
Celestial Guardians overseeing Earth

The Celestial Guardians

In the wake of establishing their enigmatic bases, the gods of Neterios appointed a select group of entities, known as the Guardians, to oversee the cosmic balance and guide the burgeoning civilizations of Earth. These Guardians, ethereal in nature and mighty in power, were tasked with ensuring that the divine blueprints for humanity were adhered to, safeguarding the evolution of cultures and the proliferation of knowledge.

While invisible to the mortal eye, their influence was omnipresent, subtly steering the course of human history from the shadows. Their role was paramount in maintaining the connection between Earth and Neterios, embodying the bridge between the celestial and terrestrial realms. As silent watchers, they ensured that the strategic sites established by the gods remained undisturbed, preserving the sacred communication lines that spanned across galaxies.

The Enigmatic Good Luck Cats

In the grand tapestry of the universe, woven by the gods of Neterios, stand the Good Luck Cats, celestial envoys shrouded in mystery. Crafted from the cosmic essence and bestowed with subtle powers, they were deployed to Earth not as rulers but as unseen guides. These beings, cloaked in the familiar guise of cats, navigate our world with the utmost discretion, their true purpose known only to a select few. Tasked with the guardianship of the Astral Bridges and the delicate balance of fate, they move silently among us, their interventions as gentle as the paw's touch yet as impactful as the stars' alignment.

Chosen for their form's versatility and the universal fondness towards felines, the Good Luck Cats operate under the radar, their earthly appearance allowing them to influence human affairs without detection. In this guise, they are able to perform their sacred duties, maintaining the cosmic equilibrium and guiding the hands of destiny with a whisper and a purr.

The mysterious Good Luck Cats, celestial envoys of fate and fortune
The legacy of the Astral Bridge Builders

The Builders' Legacy

The Astral Bridges Collection, a marvel of ancient engineering, was constructed under the vigilant guidance of the Good Luck Cats and the celestial overseers from Neterios. These structures, strategically placed across Earth, served as cosmic conduits, fostering a hidden yet profound connection between our world and the stars. Delve into the mysteries of these age-old monuments and explore their significance in the grand tapestry of Gravitrek in The Builders' Legacy.

Guardians Among Us

The celestial Guardians, as heralds of the Neterios pantheon, have subtly influenced humanity's development, remaining hidden except during critical historical moments like the Battle of Kadesh. Their unseen vigil, ensuring the balance between celestial and terrestrial realms, has been a silent force shaping the evolution of civilizations.

Their discrete presence, a constant safeguard of Earth's cosmic lineage, underscores a commitment to protect without direct intervention, preserving the natural progression of human history.

The silent vigil of the celestial Guardians over humanity
Subtle hints of Acolal's impending threat

The Whisper of Acolal

While traditionally shrouded in secrecy, the Guardians found themselves at a crossroads as whispers of Acolal, a dire celestial threat, reached their ears. This looming crisis called for an unprecedented decision — to once again step from the shadows, reminiscent of their rare interventions during the Pharaohs' eras.

Yet, this time, the stakes were higher, demanding a subtle but clear warning to humanity. It marked a critical juncture, urging a united front to confront an impending cosmic challenge.

Legacy at a Crossroads

As humanity stands on the brink, the silent legacy of the Neterios gods finds new resonance. Their ancient guidance, manifested through the Guardians and echoed in the celestial challenge posed by Acolal, illuminates a path forward — not as a narrative of intervention, but as a call to collective action and unity of all the people on earth.

This moment serves as a testament to their enduring influence, a reminder that in the face of cosmic uncertainties, the legacy written in the stars continues to guide humanity towards its destiny.

The legacy of the Neterios gods on Earth