Gangs and Underworld Bosses from Gravitrek

Gravitrek Underworld Figures

The Enigmatic Powers Behind the Shadows

Explore the influential and formidable leaders who shape the underworld of Gravitrek and Heliopoly. From digital masterminds to martial arts sovereigns, these individuals control the unseen forces that sway the balance of power in the cosmos.

The Charismatic Leader

Vicious Vic

The Punk Panther

Once the charismatic frontman of a punk rock band, Vicious Vic took a dark turn and emerged as 'The Punk Panther,' a ruthless enforcer who rules the underworld with an iron fist. His gang specializes in illegal mining enhancements, offering tools and software that drastically improve mining efficiency in Gravitrek and Heliopoly. Rumored to possess a Good Luck Cat, he's said to have an uncanny knack for striking the richest veins. The Subterraneans

Vicious Vic - The Punk Panther

The Wise Elder

Rabbi Eli Cohen

Holy Moses

Rabbi Eli controls a sophisticated smuggling ring, The Holy Smugglers, specializing in black market ancient artifacts. His wisdom and expertise make him a formidable figure in Narco City's shadowy corridors. Holy Smugglers

Rabbi Eli Cohen - Holy Moses

The Covert Strategist

Kim Jong-Foon

Slick Kim

From K-Pop sensation to criminal mastermind, Kim Jong-Foon, now known as 'Slick Kim,' leads the Seoul Sinners. They are notorious for creating and distributing illegal game mods, securing an unfair advantage in the gritty streets of Narco City. Seoul Sinners

Kim Jong-Foon - Slick Kim

The Desert Queen

Aisha Al-Qazzaz

Sheikha Shady

Aisha Al-Qazzaz, known as 'Sheikha Shady,' is a cunning businesswoman with a firm grip over Narco City's oil and energy sector. Her gang, the Sahara Shadows, excels in cryptocurrency laundering, mastering the dark arts of finance. Sahara Shadows

Aisha Al-Qazzaz - Sheikha Shady

The Code of Silence

Jimmy O'Giggles ("The Dragon")

The Digital Overlord

A coding genius, Jimmy runs the Digital Drakes, known for their illicit software and hardware, dismantling security systems with ease. Digital Drakes

Jimmy O'Giggles - The Digital Overlord

The Art of Combat

Tao Ziyang ("Master Tao")

The Martial Arts Sovereign

From the heart of tradition to the depths of the underworld, Tao leads the Shaolin Shadows with unmatched combat skills and strategic prowess. Shaolin Shadows

Tao Ziyang - The Martial Arts Sovereign

The Market Maestro

Osman Yildirim ("Ottoman Osman")

Economic Chess

Leading the Phantom Enforcers, Osman Yildirim, a strategic mastermind with deep-seated connections in both commerce and politics, expertly manipulates resource markets, creating scarcity or abundance that shakes the core of Narco City's economy. Phantom Enforcers

Osman Yildirim - The Market Maestro

The Mogul's Might

The Power Broker: Iqbal Shah ("Sultan Shah")

A Master of Exotic Trades

Commanding the Mumbai Moguls, Sultan Shah, a business tycoon with deep connections in politics, orchestrates the shadowy trade of exotic animals and plants, shaping the economic undercurrents of Narco City. Phantom Enforcers

Sultan Shah - The Power Broker

Fashionable Fear

Maria Romano - Bella Cosa

An Icon of Criminal Elegance

Transitioning from haute couture to high crime, Maria Romano extends her empire beyond the catwalk, leading the Skyline Scammers with a stylish yet iron fist, monopolizing Narco City's real estate underworld.

Bella Cosa - Maria Romano

Underworld's Grace

Yumi Nakamura - Yakuza Queen

A Clandestine Rule

From the secretive halls of the Yakuza, Yumi Nakamura reigns over the Tokyo Talons, diffusing her authority through the illicit channels of growth-enhancing narcotics, casting a shadow over the streets of Narco City.

Yakuza Queen - Yumi Nakamura

The Renegade's Rule

Javier Mendoza - El Lobo

Alpha of the Underworld

Once a feared cartel enforcer, Javier Mendoza now marshals the Los Lobos, disseminating a network of illicit dealings across Gravitrek, turning the city's underbelly into his personal playground of vice and villainy.

El Lobo - Javier Mendoza

Desert Dominance

Uyanga Batbayar - Mongol Mistress

Queen of the Desert Winds

Uyanga Batbayar, the Mongol Mistress, navigates the shifting sands of power, leading the Steppe Bandits, commanding the illicit conduits of trade and treachery, leaving a mark of dominance carved across the dunes of Narco City.

Mongol Mistress - Uyanga Batbayar

Outlaw Heritage

Jack 'Rusty' Daniels - Rusty

Guardian of the Asphalt Jungle

'Rusty', a legend turned pariah, rules the Motor Marauders with a blend of old-school honor and new-age ruthlessness, revving the engines of rebellion and racing through the streets of Narco City.

Rusty - Jack 'Rusty' Daniels

Shadow Strategist

Ivan Petrov - Komrad Ivan

Master of Espionage

Emerging from the frost of espionage, Komrad Ivan wields the shadows like a blade, his Moscow Shadows operating within a web of secrets that ensnare the unsuspecting streets of Gravitrek, turning information into the most powerful weapon in the underworld.

Komrad Ivan - Ivan Petrov

Tribal Power

Zane Khumalo - Zulu Zane

Guardian of Ancient Energies

With the heart of a warrior and the wisdom of an elder, Zulu Zane commands the Herbal Warlords, spreading his influence through the intricate veins of power that pulse beneath the surface of Narco City, melding ancient rituals with modern warfare to maintain his reign.

Zulu Zane - Zane Khumalo

Financial Fervor

Adolf Weber - Herr Blitz

A Tycoon's Tactical Tenacity

From the towering skyscrapers of finance to the murky depths of underworld banking, Herr Blitz orchestrates a symphony of control, his Euro Elites enacting the will of a financial mastermind shadowing every transaction in Narco City, turning the market itself into a battleground.

Herr Blitz - Adolf Weber